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  1. Cubix

    Primul anunt!

    Salutare si bine v-am gasit! In data de 22/02/2020 serverul de RDR2 UTH:1 a luat nastere. Serverul este de tip Roleplay si este deschis public urmatoarele 3 saptamani! In data de 16/03/2020 pe server se va putea intra pentru o scurta perioada doar cu statutul de "Whitelisted" Se vor adauga...
  2. Cubix

    Keygen - PHPRad Vue 2.6.4 Classic 2.6.9

    What is PHPRad? With flexible numerous options and components, PHPRad helps you to generate complete web applications with drag 'n' drop and few clicks. Great tool for professionals, Best tool for beginners. Little or No Coding Experience Required. PHPRad Version...
  3. Cubix

    [OPEN][RageMP] Closed beta applications

    @ZitronneX2005 your application is due for review stand chill for a response! @GasPipe. EN: Your application has been accepted congrats for beta access! RO: Aplicatia ta a fost acceptata, felicitari pentru acces-ul beta!
  4. Cubix

    [SHARE] FlyingIron Spitfire Mk IX v1.04

    I appreciate your feedback, i have tried this link in several devices & networks and it works fine! Can you send a private message with the error you get when you access this link?
  5. Cubix

    [DEV] We are looking for dedicated devs!

    We are looking for some devs, prove you worthy and you will have access to resources & other cool perks, by getting class of Dev you will have a cool award on your profile too -> Mode ->
  6. Cubix

    [OPEN][RageMP] Closed beta applications

    @GasPipe. your application is due for review stand chill for a response!
  7. Cubix

    [WANTED] Scripts uploader

    We are looking to upgrade some members to UPLOADER class, they will get likes for their uploads and others perks unlocked on our forum for example he will get the AWARD of UPLOADER wich it will look like -> Mode -> Example -> Nickname: Cubix Skills...
  8. Cubix

    [OPEN][RageMP] Closed beta applications

    Hello i would kindly announce that we opened our Closed beta participation in our RageMP Server, please follow this model when you apply! Mode -> Example -> Nickname: Cubix SocialClub: uCubix Age: 26 Skills: Photoshop/php/HTML/Javascript/Administration Ever being a BETA?: Yes Why you want...
  9. Cubix

    Wall of shame

    I hoped i will not need to create this thread ever! Today 14/09/2019 we gonna point out 2 members who tried to cheat on this community by creating multiple accounts & liked their content! Good for us they have now a broken assembly & again good for us we will have an update next weeks with a...
  10. Cubix

    [SHARE] Tactics [WIP] 0.1.0

    Description: Work in Progress Tactics Mode note: This is not "playready" nor tested with more than 4 players, use this as a general idea for a similar gamemode or build something ontop of it. ingame "video" Features more or less. "Lobby"-System Round System "Dead"-Bodies displayed properly...
  11. Cubix

    [Unity] AVPro Video v1.10.0

    Description: AVPro Video: the complete video playback system. Nominated for the Unity Awards 2016 Asset Store Award *DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL VERSION HERE* Features: AVPro Video asset versions: • Full All-in-one (all platforms) • Android • iOS • tvOS • OS X • Windows Download...
  12. Cubix

    [Unity] uMMORPG 2D

    Description: uMMORPG 2D - The lone wolf developer's 2D MMORPG Engine. (Demo) (Forum) (Discord) (FAQ) (Showcase) (Documentation) (Tests) “In the information age, the barriers just aren't there. The barriers are self imposed. If you want to set off and go develop some grand new thing, you don't...
  13. Cubix

    [Unreal Engine] Simple CheckPoint System

    Description: Supported Engine Versions: Plug and Play system that allows for your Character to respawn at Check Point(s). Can be used for unique levels or for open world type adventure games. Video: Multiplayer Supported; Don’t let the price fool you! This project offers a robust and...
  14. Cubix


    Changelog 07/08/2019
  15. Cubix

    C# getting started + debugging

    I wanted to make a tutorial that is a little different from what is currently offered on the wiki ( This tutorial gets you through setting up a project outside the RAGE MP folder, that automatically...
  16. Cubix

    Install server RageMP (Centos 7)

    Hello, I would like to show you how to properly install the RageMP server on the Centos 7 linux distribution. Table of Contents: System update Package installation Building GCC 7.3.0 Adding a user Server installation Starting the server Informations: Yum - Package manager in the RHel system...
  17. Cubix

    [Premium] Apex Gaming Cluster Info

    Official front page: “Sic Parvis Magna” Cluster Maps:
  18. Cubix

    [Official] [EU] Olimpus x50x15x10 [Kits][NPP][VoteRewards] - (v296.106)

    This project has been discontinued for now, but we will come with updates soon!
  19. Cubix

    [Official] [EU] Olimpus x50x15x10 [Kits][NPP][VoteRewards] - (v296.106)

    Server Map: Ragnarok Cross server settings, see Settings. INGAME RULES: SETTINGS New players / tribes get 48 hour protection on joining "Structures cant be damaged" Settings to make PVP fair ,So players should prefer raid online instead of offline. Offline Raid Protection: Online Raid...
  20. Cubix

    [IMPROVEMENT] DinoWeather | Dynamic Weather For ALL AREAS of the Map! | Smooth Transitions!

    FiveM-DinoWeather A Weather System that enhances realism by using GTA Natives relating to Zones. Copyright © 2018 Jarrett Boice This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software...