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May 14, 2019
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Official front page:

“Sic Parvis Magna”

Cluster Maps:

Server Settings:
  • Breeding x15
  • Taming x10
  • Harvesting x3
  • XP x3
  • 10.000 Structure Limit
  • 220 Player Levels + 30 Ascension Levels
  • 150 Wild Dino Level
  • +100 Dino Levels with XP
  • All engrams learnable
  • Fully customized loot drops
  • Cluster wide Auction House
  • Voting Rewards
  • No racism, homophobia, sexual harrassment or hate content. Including chat, tribename or playername.
  • No PvP or Griefing activities – nothing that will harm a player, tamed dino or base
  • No hacks, exploits or cheating
  • No blocking spawning or access to key resources, artifacts, beaver dams, drops, crates or explorer notes
  • No blocking access to Obelisks.
  • No advertising other servers
Code of Conduct
  • Keep chat friendly – no arguments in open chat. No drama. No Trolling.
  • Speak English in public chat.
  • Don’t build too close to an existing base – give people room to expand
  • Don’t put unwanted dino’ on wander outside your base.
  • No pillar or foundation spamming. Find a place for your base and build it, don’t hold land. Large land enclosures should be used/filled – not just holding land.
  • Empty the wood out of beaver dams!
  • Don’t completely block main access routes or beaches
  • If you find your base is on a spawn point – make sure people can get out.
  • Don’t put a shield or locked building around a teleporter set to public. Make sure people can get out safely.
  • Don’t join another person’s element vein or OSD without permission – ask first, or wait for your own.
  • Don’t interfere with another person’s tame .
  • Names of tribes, players, Steam profiles and dinos have to answer PEGI 12 / ESRB T-rated requirements.
  • Cheating/ bugusing/ glitching is forbidden (e.g. floating base, building under the map etc.)!
  • If you’ll be inactive for more than 7 days, then please inform us by a ticket or we will delete all tribe structures and dinos without warning.
  • Use English in Global-Chat (Voice-, Ally-, Tribe- and Local chat are free for all languages).
  • Keeping dinos on wandering or mating all the time is forbidden (Exception: game mechanics like those from dung beetle, oviraptor etc.)
  • Using multiple accounts is allowed as long as no other rules are bypassed/ exploited.
Behaviour Rules
  • Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.
  • PvP behavior on PvE is forbidden (e.g. thievery and homicide).
  • Any loot beacon is claimed by the first player arriving at the exact drop location.
  • – In terms of air drops a video must be provided to proof the claim (use ShadowPlay or similar tools)
  • – Extinction: Orbital Drops have to be claimed in the Global Chat with exact coords (i.e. Orbital Drop at 71.3 40.9 claimed!). To proof the claim make a screenshot with map, orbital drop and visible server time (hold H ingame) in one picture.
  • Luring dinos to bases is forbidden (unless it is your own base).
  • Parking dinos on mountains and in caves is forbidden.
  • Parking dinos on obelisks is forbidden.
  • Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden.
Building Rules
  • Blocking resources/ beacons of any kind is forbidden. This includes beaver & penguin spawns.
  • Building in front or inside caves is not allowed!
  • Exceptions are caves on Ragnarok, which contain no resources/ artifacts. However, it requires an explicit permission from the server team. Applications are to be placed in the support area of the forum. [Ragnarok]
  • Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned and unneeded structures (for example, rafts, fishing spots & taming boxes) or we will delete them without a warning. Taming boxes, unbuilt rafts, single campfires and storage boxes must be removed after use.
  • Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, pillars or gates).
  • It’s forbidden to build on or around the volcano.
  • The obelisks must not be build on and have to be accessible by foot.
  • Building on ice floes is not allowed.
  • Enclosed areas have to be developed immediately. It’s not allowed to keep these areas blocked by placeholders.
  • The base limit is 2. One main base and one outpost. An outpost can be one raft, one tree (solely platforms) or a 7x7x4 base
  • Keep distance to other bases, there is enough space for everyone. In case of dispute the server team will take decisions.
  • Building on “Death Island” is not allowed. [Island]
  • Extremely long waterpipes [longer than render distance medium] are not allowed! Use S+ intakes that deliver water anywhere or water tanks. If the pipes are way too long we will delete all structures of that tribe.
  • It’s forbidden to build in the dragon gorge. In case of violation, we will remove any structures immediately! [Ragnarok]
  • It’s not allowed to block waterways. Build bridges always in a way that it allows players on a raft or dino (e.g. Mosasaur) to pass it.
  • It’s forbidden to block the public transmitter near the red obelisk e.g. with dinos. [Ragnarok]
  • It’s forbidden to block Charge Nodes and Z Plant with structures, as they are seen as a resource. They have to be usable, reachable on foot and visible from outside for everyone. [Aberration]
  • Gas collectors have to be unlocked and may not be built-in. [Aberration]

All our admins are long-standing members who have proven themselves to be respected pillars of the community.
  • Admins will never use admin-commands to cheat the game – for themselves or anyone else.
  • Remember that the admins are gamers. Let them enjoy the game too.
  • We reserve the right to update the rules and codes of conduct at any time.

We also OWN the hardware so not under pressure by renting fees / donation limits / affordability risk
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